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Peugeot 404: Legend of the East African Safari

Submitted by on February 10, 2014

The Shannons Club

Peugeot 404: Legend of the East African Safari

Image www.maskinisten.net, via the Shannons Club

At a time when the mythical motorsport machines which tackled epic world-class races like the East African Safari weren’t too far removed from the cars which you could walk into a showroom and buy, the Peugeot 404 was king.

In 1963 the Peugeot 404 broke Mercedes’ and Volkswagen’s hold on the five thousand kilometre East African Safari, winning outright for the first time just as the event was picking up steam in the eyes of the world. And they only got better, picking up a hat trick from 1966.

It’s a great story from a classic marque and a legendary event, and you can enjoy it in Peugeot 404: Legend of the East African Safari at the Shannons Club.

Via the Shannons Club

Image www.maskinisten.net, via the Shannons Club

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