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Andy Hallbery

Andy has been the editor of both Autosport and RACER magazines. Today he is a freelance writer and contributor to Official FIA yearbooks as well as being involved with his own book projects.

Carl Fogarty

Video: Four-time World Superbike Champion, Carl Fogarty

A legend on two wheels, and funny with it!
Carl Fogarty: Super quick, four-time Wold Superbike Champion in an extremely honest interview from Sportsvibe. The guy is a star; humble, confident and funny.

Autocourse Grand Prix Whos Who

Review: Autocourse – Grand Prix Who’s Who

Do you think you know about every driver that has ever raced in Formula 1? Think again. The fourth edition of Autocourse Grand Prix Who’s Who will fill in any missing gaps from 1950…

Sid Watkins

Prof Sid Watkins, OBE. Sad loss.

Image: Cahier Archive
Motorsport lost a legend with the passing of Prof Sid Watkins on Sept 12. Who? You might say. Well, here’s who he was, and still is. He changed racing safety, and so many …

Alex Zanardi Gold

Alex Zanardi: Dreams achieved

A little like Kennedy, it was the “shot that was heard around the world”. Alex Zanardi, aged 45, made his paralympic debut, and won two gold medals, and a silver… ‘Extraordinary’, ‘inspiring’ are just two …

Alex Zanardi Paralympics

Alex Zanardi: Don’t Dream it’s over: Part Three

 On Wednesday September 5, 2012, Alex Zanardi tackles his first Paralympic event in the handcycle class at Brands Hatch. I’m sure everyone in the motorport community will be cheering all the competitors on, especially Team …

Alex Zanardi

Alex Zanardi: Don’t Dream It’s Over: Part Two

Just to recap, the loveable Italian racing driver Alex Zanardi lost his legs in 2001 in a sickening crash in Germany. That he survived that alone defies belief. What he’s done since just makes us …

Zanardi Monza 1999

Alex Zanardi: Don’t Dream It’s Over: Part One

Image: The Cahier Archive

As he prepares for his races in the Paralympics in September, it’s time to look at the man that is Alex Zanardi. And if you don’t laugh at some of his quotes, …

roger moore

Video: When Roger Moore met Formula One

Before he was the legend that is James Bond, Roger Moore was TV’s Simon Templar, alternatively known as “The Saint”.

Gordon Murray Fan car Goodwood

One hit wonder: The Brabham Fan Car

Adrian Newey, genius. Gordon Murray, ‘God’. Racing rules are very definitive so it takes brilliant and inventive minds to find loopholes. Newey has made a skill of it, as did Murray.

Jackie Stewart on board

Behind the scenes: Live on-board TV broadcasting

We all want to be Formula One drivers, don’t we?  Sadly we can’t all be. So what’s the next best thing? Living it vicariously with live on-board TV footage


The inside line: Can-Am Shadow DN4

In the 1960s to the early ’70s, the North American Can-Am series cars were a sight (and sound) to behold. Giving off up to 1500hp, they were basically monsters.


Interview: Andrew Kitson

There are people involved in racing that have talent beyond belief. Andrew Kitson is one. He is an illustrator and painter…