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Andy has been the editor of both Autosport and RACER magazines. Today he is a freelance writer and contributor to Official FIA yearbooks as well as being involved with his own book projects.

Nannini Japanese Grand Prix 1989

Exclusive: Alessandro Nannini on what Kubica faces

Some people simply don’t understand the phrase, “No, you can’t do that.” Alex Zanardi, Alessandro Nannini and Robert Kubica are just some of those people. All three suffered potentially career-ending injuries, yet successfully climbed back …

texaco james hunt ad

Fifteen classic Formula 1 TV commercials

Shell celebrated its 50th anniversary in racing with one of the most creative TV/cinema commercials with Ferrari. For us ‘retro’ists. It was $4m well spent. Let’s take a look at some other classic Formula 1 …

Gilles Villenueve

Stroke of genius: The racing art of Rob Ijbema

“Painting is like time travel,” says prolific Dutch artist Rob Ijbema. In a sport measured in thousandths of a second, where speed is king, it’s strange yet fitting that some traditions still exist today – …

Why Fire is a Racing Driver’s Biggest Fear

Photo by Steven Tee, thanks to LAT Photographic – www.latphoto.co.uk
Racing is all about speed, action, excitement and, sometimes, incident. Sadly all of those go hand-in-hand with fire, but no day passes by without positive steps to improve motorsport …

Gianni Morbidelli Ferrari

Five Formula 1 drivers you forgot drove for Ferrari

Nearly 80 drivers have raced for Ferrari in Formula 1 since 1950, here are five you may have already forgotten, or never knew about in the first place. They weren’t all Italian – but it was …

Jochen Rindt

Five Chapters of Lotus History

January 2013, the latest chapter in the Lotus F1 book was written with the launch of the E21. And what a long, extraordinary, tangled, successful and intriguing story the marque has produced since its first F1 …

Lars-Erik Torph

Lars-Erik Torph: The only driver to die on the Monte wasn’t even driving

Very few people know of rally ace Lars-Erik Torph, who lost his life in 1989. He was on the verge of international success before his life was cut short in unique and truly bizarre circumstances. …

Video: IndyCar legends share memories of Pocono

The return of Pocono to the Indycar calendar for 2013 after 23 years will be fascinating.