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BMW E30 M3 Touring

Pure intentions, pure handling, pure sound – The legendary E30 M3

When no less a man than Jean Alesi describes a car as the sweetest-handling machine he can think of, you sit up and take notice.  Here is a man whose Quixotic career was defined by …

John Watson Bristish Grand Prix 1981

Abba, Stirling and an Eight Year Old Me at the British Grand Prix 1981

The 1981 British Grand Prix was for me, as an eight-year-old, one of the biggest events of my life. It still is.


Video: Top Gear’s Top 10 of all things Group B

It’s Top Gear Live time this weekend in the UK, with May, Hammond and Clarkson hitting the road with their globe-trotting live show. Haven’t they got enough money yet?

76SIL 6.tif

Photo Gallery: The First Silverstone 6 Hours 1976

This year’s Autosport Silverstone 6 Hours marks the 35th anniversary of Britain’s premier endurance racing event; an occasion which is set to celebrate the best of the past, present and future of international sports car …


Days of Thunder is the best racing movie of all time.

So, then, the Senna movie and RUSH have gone down a storm – and rightly so. Not to put too fine a point on it, things were simply more exciting then. The circuits were bumpy, the …

Type 60K10 3

Real-Life Herbies – Part 1

Who would have thought that Disney’s classic ‘The Love Bug’ is almost as good as a documentary?  When compared with adventures of talking mice, winsome princesses and seven vertically-challenged miners, the tale of a 1200cc …

winnng the Monte Carlo Rally in 1965

Happy Birthday, Little Champion: Mini Cooper 50th Anniversary

One cause for good cheer in 2011 is the 50th anniversary of the Mini-Cooper.  Be they original Austin or Morris, reconstituted Rover or even overblown BMW machines, few cars have brought such panache to motor …


Sporting Tunes

The World Cup is over and it’s safe to remove the earplugs – not actually inserted to drown out the Vuvuzelas, but rather the endless round of sub-standard football anthems that have become part and …