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Sauber in half

Video: Sauber Formula 1 car cut in half

Formula 1 teams try and hide so much now today.  Screens, mechanics standing in front of cameras. That’s how technical it has become. So how refreshing is this video from Sauber?

Murray Walker’s Tribute to James Hunt

 “James was a very special sort of person. He didn’t think the way other people do. He certainly didn’t act the way other people do. And he was always a very exciting, stimulating and fun; …

200mph of Silver Dollars

Video: Tom Sneva breaks 200mph at Indy

A little over 65 years from the Indy 500’s inception and just fifteen years after Parnelli Jones broke the 150 mile per hour barrier, Tom Sneva became the first driver to nail its four ferocious corners fast …

Video: Jacques Villeneuve drives his father’s Ferrari 312 T4 Formula 1 car

Jacques Villeneuve hopped into his dad’s famous 1979 Ferrari 312 T4 for a few laps around Fiorano on the 8th May, in celebration of the great racer’s life.
The occasion marked 30 years since his father, …

Photo Gallery: Goodwood FoS Central Displays 1997-2011

Enjoy this gallery of Goodwood Festival of Speed central displays from 1997-2011

Video: Johnson drives Brock's Holden Torana around Bathurst

Video: Johnson drives Brock’s Holden Torana around Bathurst

A very emotional Dick Johnson drives his old mate Brock’s Holden A9X Torana around Bathurst.
Via: BowdensOwn.com.au

Jackie Stewart

Video: Jackie Stewart Drives the 1988 Indy 500 Winning Penske Indycar

“Very smooth. Perhaps one of the smoothest racing engines I have ever driven..”
Jackie Stewart hops into Rick Mears’ 1988 Indy 500 winning Penske-Chevrolet PC 17 in this video from Jackie Stewart’s World of Speed.

Jordan 196

Video: Colin McRae Tests a Jordan Formula One car

1995 World Rally Champion Colin McRae and Formula One icon Martin Brundle swap cars in this video, giving each other an insight into their chosen motorsport disciplines and some brilliant joyriding opportunities along the way.