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Rickman Metisse Triumph 500cc

Rickman Metisse for sale

This 1965 Rickman Metisse is genuine, complete with a letter from Rickman confirming the frame’s manufacture date, and in great condition. It’s up for sale over at Godin Banks.


Top Five of 2012: Bikes

Video: Britten V1000 Racing Motorcycle

The Britten V1000 is a hand-built racing motorcycle built and designed John Britten and his mates, mostly in his home in New Zealand. Exotic, innovative and stunning, it went on to …


Top Five of 2012: Photo Galleries

Best of the Cahier Archive: Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrows

Image: TheCahierArchive©
Enjoy this Photo Gallery of the Silver Arrows from the 1954, 1955, 2010, 2011 and 2012 Seasons.

Dirty Old Times

Video: Dirty Old Times

With a racing licence that he’s held for forty five years and a thousand or so races under his belt, Arne Wallerstedt is about as passionate and experienced a historic racer as it’s possible to …

Gyronaut x1

Video: Gyronaut X-1 Trailer – The World’s Fastest Motorcycle

“This motorcycle has logged more miles and more time above 200 miles per hour than any other motorcycle in history.”
The Gyronaut X-1 took motorcycle streamlining and aerodynamics to its 1966 xenith when Robert Leppan drove it twenty miles …


Retro: Derringer Cycles

A modern interpretation of the board tracking racing motorcycles of the 1920s, Derringer cycles capture the simple, pared-down, aggressiveness of early motorsport while delivering an intricate level of personalized customization. Like their owners, no two …

The right line

Video Documentary: The Right Line – an introduction to motorcycle sport

This fabulous documentary is “an introduction to motorcycle sport”. The film explains all the two wheeled disciplines including trials, motocross, circuit and road racing and includes some awesome on-board footage.

Kenny Roberts Yamaha XS 650 Dirt Track racer

For Sale: Ex-Kenny Roberts Yamaha XS 650 Dirt Track Racer

This Dirt Track Yamaha XS 650 racer is one of the bikes used by King Kenny on his way to winning the 1974 AMA Championship and becoming one of just four riders (the second at the …