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Video: 1928 Land speed record attempt goes horribly wrong

During braver times, 1926 Indy 500 winner Frank Lockhart roared down Daytona Beach at nearly 200mph.


Video: Building the fastest car in the world

In 1957 MG built the fastest car in the world, before transporting it all the way from Britain to Bonneville to prove it.


Video: Incredibly fast crash caught on camera

When things go wrong at 200mph, things really go wrong.

Salt Lake 300SL Gullwing

Video: A million-dollar car on the salt

There is simultaneously everything wrong, and everything right about seeing a million dollar collectable being raced across metal-eating salt. This video tells why.

Lambretta Record Racer

Gallery: The Lambretta Record

Can you imagine the kind of courage it took to climb into this tiny metal cabin and travel at over 124mph (200km/h)? Enjoy this photo gallery of the Lambretta Record Racer, from 1951.

Lister Jaguar

Video Restoration – Bringing back the Lister Jaguar

The nature of racing means that individual cars which have had careers spanning decades often end up crashed, repaired, upgraded and restored so many times that they barely resemble their original selves. Is it right …

John Cobb

Video: John Cobb dies in Water Speed Record attempt, 1952

In 1939 John Cobb became the fastest man on land, a title which he would confirm by resetting his own land speed record in 1947.

TransAm Champs

TransAm Champs, Magnificent M3s and Gulf iPhones from 8380 Laboratories

The latest designs from the ladies and gentlemen at 8380 Laboratories include magnificent M3s, Trans-American sedan champions and some groovy Gulf digs for your iPhone.

donald campbell

Documentary: Donald Campbell – Speed King

Using rare archive and first hand testimony from those who knew him intimately, this fantastic BBC documentary explores the life of Donald Campbell, one of Britain’s most compelling but doomed heroes.


Top Five of 2012: Retro Motorsport Gear

The Magic Racing Car Models of Alistair Brookman
“My name is Alistair Brookman and I make 1:12 scale fully hand-built model Grand Prix Ferraris.”


Top Five of 2012: Photo Galleries

Best of the Cahier Archive: Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrows

Image: TheCahierArchive©
Enjoy this Photo Gallery of the Silver Arrows from the 1954, 1955, 2010, 2011 and 2012 Seasons.