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1989 Le Mans Porsche Racing Fire

Video: The Ultimate Tribute to Group C

Perhaps even more thrilling than the years of turbocharged Formula 1 were the Group C racers of the same era. Manufacturers were given a huge amount of autonomy following a brief which resulted in a …

Lancia Delta Evolution

Video: Pure engine sounds – Lancia Delta Evoluzione

Raw, uncompromising, brutal, pure. These words and more spring to mind when asked to describe the era of rally from which cars such as the Lancia Delta Evoluziones were born.

Near miss Goodwood Revival

Video: Anticipating the Revival: 8 wild Goodwood moments

The 2013 Goodwood Revival is set to be held this weekend, and we’re starting to feel the itch here at Motorsport Retro. The itch that is, to delve into the depths of the internet in …

Lancia Stratos

Video: The Uncompromising Legendary Lancia Stratos

“It’s a symphony of vaguely disastrous noises, which I really love.”
A few years ago on a Sunday evening after spending the weekend at the Phillip Island Classic, as everyone from the event was busy packing …

Lancia LC2

Video: In the studio with the Lancia LC2

The boys at Classic & Sportscar narrate the history of the Lancia LC2 Group C racer


Video: Onboard with Fangio at Monaco

In this video we have the immortal Juan Manual Fangio sliding around Monaco.

Lancia D24

For Sale: 1954 Lancia D24

Reconstructed in the 1980s with the support of Lancia and Pininfarina and built by Luciano Basso, the Lancia Museum’s official restorer, and Guido Rosani, this Lancia D24 is one of just four and is up for sale over …

Rally Heaven

Video: Rally Heaven – Shotgun in a Lancia Stratos and Delta S4

“But then when the turbo comes together.. pshwt!”
When it came time for Pirelli to launch their new tyre for historic racing and rally cars, the P7 Corsa Classic, they did it in phenomenal classic motorsport …

Lancia LC2

Photo of the Day: Lancia LC2

Lancia LC2 – Supermodel on wheels


Best of the Cahier Archive: Australian Grand Prix, Melbourne,1996-1999

The gates to the 2012 Australian Grand Prix at Albert Park open today, so we thought we’d take a look back at the inaugural Melbourne race in 1996, through to the decade ending event in …