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Freddie Spencer’s NS500 & NSR250

For Sale: Freddie Spencer’s 1983 NS500 & 1985 NSR250

These two championship-winning motorcycles, from Freddie Spencer’s 1983 500cc and 1985 250cc championship seasons, are up for sale as a pair over at RMD Motors.

Rush Filming

Photo Gallery: Exclusive Shots from the Set of Rush

Ron Howard’s Rush, which tells the tale of James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth) and Niki Lauda’s (Daniel Brühl) championship battle during the 1976 Formula One season, recently wrapped filming in Snetterton, England. Howard and his team are …

Janet Guthrie becomes the first woman to qualify for the Indy 500

Video: Janet Guthrie: Paving the Way

“Not everybody can drive race cars. It takes a peculiar sort of person.”
The 1977 Indianapolis 500 added volumes to the event’s bursting history books. Tom Sneva broke the 200 mile per hour barrier, A. J. Foyt …


Video: Graham Hill Wins The 1966 Indy 500

“I was nervous about doing the 500 and suddenly had second thoughts of why are you bothering to cross the Atlantic for this.. demolition derby that they seem to constantly show on television?” – Jackie …

Rubens Barrichello

Interview Part One: Rubens Barrichello – Still a Rookie

Ten minutes will always turn into 40 with Rubens Barrichello. It’s tough in this business to not have favourites, but Rubens is one of mine. He, like just a handful of others, has not changed …


Murray Walker’s Tribute to James Hunt

 “James was a very special sort of person. He didn’t think the way other people do. He certainly didn’t act the way other people do. And he was always a very exciting, stimulating and fun; …

200mph of Silver Dollars

Video: Tom Sneva breaks 200mph at Indy

A little over 65 years from the Indy 500′s inception and just fifteen years after Parnelli Jones broke the 150 mile per hour barrier, Tom Sneva became the first driver to nail its four ferocious corners fast …

Brock VK Group C Commodore

Retro Motorsport Art: Stuart Row

Our never-ending search for excellent retro car art has most recently turned up Australian photographer Stuart Row and his unique Photoshop-manipulated vehicle portraits.