The Ultimate Rider

The Ultimate Rider Returns This October

Aussie Moto GP great Daryl Beattie and his team are returning to Australian airwaves this October, with a new series of The Ultimate Rider set to air on Digital Channel One.


The Best of Porsche in Video

Porsche has been a dominant force in motorsport for the past five decades, racking up wins faster than many marques rack up points. These videos capture the essence of the brand and its passion for …

hunt tooned

Video: Tooned 50 – The James Hunt story

The fourth installment of McLarens fabulous Tooned series, features none other than Hunt. James Hunt.


Made in Australia: Jim McKeown and the world’s fastest Lotus-Cortina

“We had some pretty hectic races I can tell you. I particularly remember the fight we had for the 1966 South Australian Touring Car Championship at Mallala (single race format). There wasn’t much left of …

Barry Sheene 1977

Retrospective: Suzuki in MotoGP

Suzuki has delighted fans (and likely frightened rivals) by announcing that it will return to MotoGP in 2015.  The Japanese company withdrew from the sport in 2011, citing the onset of the global financial crisis …

Niki Lauda

Illustrations: 1970s Formula 1 Helmets

Illustrations by Paul Laguette
I have a soft spot in my heart for the motorsport aesthetics of the ’70s. The cars were getting bigger, faster and more bombastic, while the liveries, promotion and branding maintained an …

Ferrari line up

Gallery: Schumacher’s World Championship winning F1 engines

There’s something mesmerising about Formula 1 engines, something beyond the timeless beauty of aluminium, titanium and carbon fibre. As if like a time-capsule of engineering, whilst staring at these engines you are peering into the best …

Lancia Delta Evolution

Video: Pure engine sounds – Lancia Delta Evoluzione

Raw, uncompromising, brutal, pure. These words and more spring to mind when asked to describe the era of rally from which cars such as the Lancia Delta Evoluziones were born.