GT40 at Goodwood

Video: GT40s invade the Goodwood Revival

Any way you look at it the Ford GT40 is an absolute legend, and in the eyes of many the greatest Sportscar ever built. This video celebrates the presence of the GT40 at the 2013 …

Porsche 917/10 can am

Photo of the day: Naked Porsche 917/10

Porsche 917/10 Can-Am

Charade Circuit

Friday movie: Charade Circuit Clermont-Ferrand

This story of the stunningly beautiful yet ill-fated “French Nürburgring”, and Sir Stirling’s first experience of it in 1959.

Sauber F1 1995

The evolution of Sauber F1 cars in pictures

Sauber may have only ever won a single Grand Prix, and it might have been just because they were owned by BMW at the time. But they’ve certainly built some incredibly pretty Formula 1 racers. …

Marlboro Girls

Gallery: Best of the Marlboro babes

There are two things we miss about cigarette advertising in motorsport – the great looking liveries, and the Marlboro girls. Take a look at our 10 favorites.

Every Arrows F1 car

Illustration: Every Arrows Formula 1 car

Arrows Formula 1 cars 1978 – 2002

March 2-4-0

Now With 50% More Wheels: 1976 March Formula 1 2-4-0 For Sale

Tyrrell caused a bit of a tizz in 1976, when it unveiled Derek Gardner’s P34 – the six-wheeled Formula 1 car. Formula 1 being ever the technology and development race, several other marques followed suit and …


Gallery: Awesome retro drawings

Recently the very talented Diego Floridi got in touch with us in the hope of sharing some of his work, of course we took one look at these pieces and knew immediately that our audience …