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Editors picks: Top Ten Feature Stories of 2009

Submitted by on December 28, 2009

It has been a fantastic and fun filled year for us at Motorsport Retro and I have really enjoyed the tales from our team of great writers. Here are a selection of my favourites, in no particular order, from Darryl Flack, Henry Hope-Frost, Nick Garton and Seth Reinhardt.

Top Ten Feature Stories of 2009:

1.Luscious liveries – Henry names his favourite racing liveries from Alitalia to Martini.

2. Heroes… – Nick names his top ten all time motor racing heroes.

3. And now for something completely different– Elf’s Experimental bikes from 1978 – 1988 – Seth recounts Elf’s extraordinary tale of technical innovation.

4. Stu Avant “Running on Empty” Part 1 – The first in a three part series from Darryl about the  hilarious escapades of talented 500cc racer, Kiwi, Stu Avant.

5. 1979: Brock blitzes Bathurst – Henry shares his memories of Brocky on the 30th anniversary of the King of the Mountains famous six lap win.

6. Goodwood Revival – the insider’s view – After a stint in the commentary box Henry reminds us why we need to book our tickets to the Goodwood Revival in 2010.

7. Ford Escort – Rally Legend – Henry asks if the Ford Escort is the worlds most loved rally car.

8. Psyche-out 101 with Jammin’ Jimmy – Part 1 – Darryl great yarn about 70s motocross icon, New Yorker, Jammin’ Jimmy Weinert

9. Indy 500 Goes Down To The Wire 1982 – A great story including a video interview with Gordon Johncock and Rick Mears about their thrilling battle for the ’82 Indy 500.

10. Jarno Saarinen GP Genius – Part 1 – Darryl’s story about Jarno Saarinen, the impossibly quick Finnish ace who did not live long enough to fulfill his potential.


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