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For Sale: 1980 Triumph TR7 Rally Car

Submitted by on July 18, 2011

The year was 1978. British Leyland launched the TR7 V8 Rally Car onto an unsuspecting British public and during its first season Tony Pond put BL Motorsport back on top with a string of impressive results. A glamorous British Sports Car with a charismatic British Driver. The Nation loved the evocative images of this low, sleek Rally Car with its growling V8 thundering along the tight lanes of Isle of Man or power sliding sideward through the forests of Northumberland.Although only produced in small numbers through 1978-1980 the TR7 with its Rover powered V8 became an influential rally car throughout the world. Only produced for competition with the V8 power plant. The road ready TR7 on its debut was actually delayed for British release due to the demand from the US market. Today only a handful of these V8 rally cars are still racing.

This car has a full service history and is still road registered until February 2012. A full CAMS record also accompanies this TR7. A new V8 power plant by the experienced Nicotra Performance Centre powers this rally bread beast. A loud rumbling through the high-tech muffler system that only a V8 can make ensures onlookers that this one is as powerful as it is beautiful. With nothing to spend this car is ready to hit the track.

For more information please call the Classic Throttle Shop on +61 2 9922 2036 or email sales@classicthrottleshop.com


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