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Terzo Dalia’s Tiny Treats for the Tifosi

Submitted by on July 11, 2013


Image: Terzo Dalia

Terzo Dalia make models. 1/3 scale replicas of Ferrari engines.

And they’re so good that their first client was Ferrari president Luca Cordero di Montezemolo.

Ferrari Enzo Engine

Each model involves painstaking research into the chosen part’s history, engineering, construction and materials. The Terzo Dalia geniuses then invest their incredible skills, cutting-edge technology and accurate materials into building a meticulous recreation of the original at 1/3 of its size.

In Pieces

The result is of the highest quality, numbered and part of an extremely limited production run.

Check ‘em out below, and head to Terzo Dalia’s website here for more.

Images via Terzo Dalia

Ferrari Engine Models

Ferrari Engine Models

Ferrari Engine Models

Ferrari Engine Models

Ferrari Engine Models

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