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Video: Jackie Stewart drives the March Judd 881 and declares it “very strange”

“Too uncomfortable and too cramped” was Jackie Stewart‘s summary of the Adrian Newey designed March Judd 881. Jackie was also less the complimentary about the entire concept.

Video: Top 5 Bathurst 1000 crashes of the 1980s

1. Dick Johnson – 1983
Johnson had this monumental trip into the scenery during qualifying in 1983. The accident …

The luckiest man in the world: Ayrton Senna’s recollection

“Ayrton saw it all first-hand, holding my crash helmet and possibly watching me die on the track. Then he went back to his garage, put his helmet back on, visor down, and went and did …

Historical Honda Moto GP photos

Honda is set to release these 10 fantastic black and white images of their most famous racers.
The photos cover pretty much the whole of Honda’s remarkable 62 years in motorcycle Grand Prix racing, focusing on …

Motor Sport Retro

Test Wide for Rich

This is a wide post
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