Renault 5 Lepence rallye

Gallery: Hungarian rally madness 1975-84

We recently stumbled across a gold mine of photographs taken during what looks to have been various Hungarian rally and road-race events during the 1970s and 80s. In the air, in the dirt, in the …


Magnificent Muscle! Pete Geoghegan’s HJ Monaro Sports Sedan

The best ideas are usually the simplest. Take, for example, Laurie O’Neil’s idea for John Sheppard in the early ‘70s: to build the best sport sedan in Australia.

Le Mans 1966

Photo of the day: The Le Mans start, 1966

The start of the 1966 Le Mans, Porsche 906 (#34),  Matra M620 (#43) and a glorious Ferrari 275 GTB (#26). None of the three were to finish the event, would be dominated by the Ford …


Photo Gallery: Remembering Maria de Villota

Motorsport Retro has been deeply saddened this week with news of Maria de Villota’s untimely passing. By all accounts she was not only a great driver and avid supporter of motorsports, but a genuinely nice …

Lambretta Record Racer

Gallery: The Lambretta Record

Can you imagine the kind of courage it took to climb into this tiny metal cabin and travel at over 124mph (200km/h)? Enjoy this photo gallery of the Lambretta Record Racer, from 1951.

baja social club

Film Trailer: Baja Social Club

There are few things more inspiring than seeing stories that uncover the passion of motorsport told in a way that all can see. An upcoming film by the name of ‘The Baja Social Club’ is …

Zakspeed Ford Escort

The 9 best Ford touring cars of all time

Ford touring cars have made appearances, won races and clinched championships across an incredibly varied spectrum of touring car classes worldwide. Fighting with the best the world has to offer and often coming out on …

Tooned Prost

Video: Tooned 50 – The Alain Prost Story

The latest installment of McLaren’s Tooned series sees Jenson Button and Sergio Perez welcome Alain Prost to the stage for the story of the original ‘Professor’. As funny and light-hearted as ever, the video is …