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Festival of Porsche 2014 – Widescreen Gallery

Submitted by on October 1, 2014

Festival of PorscheBehold the Festival of Porsche. On September the 21st 2014, Porsche’s from all eras, spanning from the 1950’s to the present day came together for a celebration of the famous name at the legendary Brands Hatch.

The weekend was organised by the circuit owner in association with the Porsche Club GB and Porsche Cars GB.LMC_5647

Even for the non motoring enthusiast, the Porsche marquee has a special place for almost everyone. Although primarily known for the iconic 911, Porsche has an incredibly rich history, with its very essence embedded in motor racing. Therefore it was only fitting that such a festival event would be held at a track.

LMC_5395Complimenting the success of the Porsche road cars that surrounded the circuit was a collection of some of the finest and most treasured Porsche race cars.

LMC_5486Some of these included the legends of Group C racing like the very first 1982 Porsche 956 in Rothmans livery, the Nurburgring lap record holding 956, the 1988 2nd place Le Mans Shell Dunlop 962 and the ‘World’s fastest’ Miller 962 from Daytona.LMC_5339Sunshine graced the weekend with a celebration of the 911 Turbo and demonstrations from key Porsche men including 5-time Le Mans champion Derek Bell, MBE and Le Mans winner Richard Attwood making spectacular passes on the straight as they put the Group C legends to the task.LMC_5505

Sunshine, Brands Hatch, legendary race cars and the resulting iconic cars of the road all made for a very happy weekend indeed.LMC_4992We hope you enjoy this coverage, brought to you by our brilliant photographer Jayson Fong.

Take a look at the remainder of the gallery:

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