Citroen DS19

Citroen DS/ID: From Mount Panorama to The Marathon

Image thanks to the Shannons Club &
“You’d just go sailing straight past them with your foot flat on the accelerator until you reached the flag marshall’s post. When you saw the whites of their eyes, you …

Mercedes Classic

Mercedes – Historic Racecars – Goodwood – Video

Cool in-house video by Mercedes Benz showcases some of the beautiful cars on display and in action at the 2014 Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Jacques Laffite

Jacques Laffite – Monaco 1978 – Photo of the Day

Jacques Laffite in action at the 1978 Monaco Grand Prix, driving the unmistakable Matra V12 powered Ligier JS9. What an era!

GT40 Goodwood

GT40 – Pushing Ford’s supercar to the limit – Goodwood

Alex Buncombe’s squeezes every last drop of potential from the GT40 whilst on the hunt. He records the fastest lap at the Goodwood Revival in the process.

Nico Rosberg vs Keke Rosberg

Nico Rosberg vs Keke Rosberg – Ice rally duel – Video

This is what we imagine a Rosberg family holiday looks like. Keke and Nico Rosberg face off on a frozen lake in a makeshift rally time-trial. Awesome.

Nelson Piquet and Nigel Mansell, 1986 Mexican Grand Prix

Nelson Piquet and Nigel Mansell – Mexico 1986 – Photo of the Day

Nelson Piquet and Nigel Mansell line up for the start of the 1986 Mexican Grand Prix. Each is seated in their V6, turbocharged Honda Williams FW11s.

Rosberg 1983 Monaco - Felipe Nasr FW08C story

Felipe Nasr samples Rosberg’s 1983 FW08C – Video

In 1983 Keke Rosberg drove the Williams FW08C to a fantastic victory at the Monaco Grand Prix. Today, current Williams Martini Racing driver Felipe Nasr slides behind the wheel.

Black and White Magic

Black and White Magic – Goodwood – Widescreen Gallery

If there’s a place in the world that suits black and white photography more than the Goodwood Revival, then I’d love to hear of it.