Britten V1000

Britten V1000 – Riding the icon – Video

Soak up the glorious sounds of the Britten V1000 with this terrific multi-camera on bike footage.

Jaguar Mark 2

Jaguar Mark 2 – One of a kind – Gallery

This Jaguar Mark 2 is what happens when you combine a Jaguar Designer and a team of master restoration craftsman.

Bob Jane HQ Monaro GTS 350

Holden HQ Monaro: Bob Jane’s Magnificent GTS 350

Image: thanks to the Shannons Club
The story of Bob Jane, his mighty Monaro GTS 350, and six consecutive seasons of Sports Sedan racing domination.

Allan Grice

Allan Grice Versus The World – MSR Premium

BEST known in his homeland as a combative driver with two Bathurst 1000 wins to his name, Australian Allan Grice stands out as one of the best exports from Down Under on the world stage.

Retro livery madness - Nissan bathurst

Retro livery madness – Nissan’s 2014 Bathurst designs

In 1984 the turbocharged Bluebird on the right took pole position at Bathurst. 30 years later Nissan are set to pay homage to that feat with a striking retro livery.

Bjorn Waldegard - Rally 1000 Lakes 1985 - B.Waldegård _ H.Thorszelius

Bjorn Waldegard – 1943-2014 – Celebrating a life

He was the first ever World Rally Champion. Today we celebrate the life and amazing rally career of Bjorn Waldegard through photographs.

Capelli 1990 France

Motorsport Retro Trivia Time!

Image: The Cahier Archive
We already know that our community is the most knowledgeable (and good looking) classic motorsport community in the world, so this quiz is just a fun way to test your historic motorsport …

Mini Cooper S

Mini Cooper S – The joys of classic cars – Video

Television celebrity chef James Martin describes what it is he loves most about his Mini Cooper S, and in the process sums up the joys of classic car ownership brilliantly.