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Legends of American Motocross

Submitted by on December 5, 2008


Thanks to the guys at digitalphotography.tv you can now buy prints and posters of 1970s Legends of US Motocross.


The top photo is of 1982 500cc world champion Brad Lackey on a Kawasaki during an AMA motocross race in Florida in 1973. Lackey is the only american to win the 500cc World Motocross Championship, taking the title on a Suzuki after years of trying. He also won the AMA 500cc title in 1972


The next shot is of a guy with a great racing name called Steve Stackable blasting a berm on a Suzuki around 1976


The bloke on the number 39 Yamaha is none other than Bob “the Hurricane” Hannah during a 250cc national in 1976.
The bottom shot is of “Jammin” Jimmy Weinert aboard a 500cc Kawasaki leaning all over Tony DiStefano on a CZ at Highland Hills during 1974.

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