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Honda Release Monkey 40th Anniversary Special

Submitted by on February 6, 2009

The retro trend continues to prove irresistible, with Honda Australia announcing the release of the Monkey 40th Anniversary Special.

I have always loved the Z50, as my passion for all things motoring began on a derivative of this bike, the Honda QA50, pictured above.

Even though we lived in suburban Sydney my mother thought a little dirt bike would be great fun for me and my older brother, Dave. She was right of course and im now onto my 15th dirt bike. And yes the fever still burns!

It seems that the Monkey is as relevant today as ever with Honda continuing to produce this cult bike. Of course it’s still powered by a single cylinder, 3.5 horse power, 50cc, four stroke engine.

The Australian release also comes with a tartan seat, just as they did back in 1969.

Perhaps its a good time to put one in the shed.

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