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Kawasaki KX and KDX Ads 1980 – 1981

Submitted by on June 19, 2009

I know I’m probably alone on this one, but I just love advertising.

And I’m particularly fond of some of the fun print ads that  appeared in US motocross magazines like Dirt Bike and Motocross Action in the 1980s.

Check out this great bunch of ads from Kawasaki for their KX motocross and KDX enduro range from 1980-1981.

The industry was going through a technical transformation in the late 70s and early 80s, with long travel twin shock suspension and mono shock suspension being the talking points for Kawasaki  in these ads. However Disc brakes and water cooling were still yet to see the light of day on the production machines.

I think my favourite of the bunch is the ad featuring  Brad Lackey with his old Honda gear hanging up behind the 1980 model Kwakas. Clearly Kawasaki was pleased with Lackey joining the team from Honda, proudly declaring “He ain’t dumb”!

Interestingly it seems that in 1980 Kawasaki were using the tag line “Don’t let the good times pass you by” before changing it to “Let the good times roll” for 1981. Someone must have liked the ’81 version as 28 years later, Kawasaki is still using the same line.

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