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Castrol Six Hour Official Program 1975

Submitted by on July 28, 2009

The design of the official program from the 1975 Castrol Six Hour Production Race “…was branded an acid trip from the more conservative sections of the Willoughby District Motor Cycle Club ” according to a quote from Jim Scaysbrook’s excellent book,¬† The Castrol Six Hour Production Race 1970-1987.

However, the driving force behind the provocative artwork was advertising man and race organiser, Vincent Tesoriero and he knew his market well.

The program was illustrated by the late comic artist Peter Ledger and it was another example of Tesoriero’s ability to make sure every detail of the event was promoted to the highest standard.

The artwork was modern, edgy and very different for the time and the sponsors that Vincent had brought in from outside of the Automotive sector, brands such as Levis, Grace Brothers and Golden Breed loved him for it.

Vince, through his marketing and promotions company, Forcefield Marketing, recognised the value for both fans and sponsors in having a program that the punters wanted to buy and subsequently keep for a lifetime. It all help add to the legend of the race, and kept people talking about motorcycle racing, and the Castrol 6 hour as the Bathurst 1000 of bikes.

The Castrol 6 hour was for motorcycles in absolutely standard production trim, with no modifications allowed whatsover, making it a genuine ‘Showroom Shootout’ . It was broadcast live on Channel Seven and later ABC Television from 1976 and helped make riders like Willing, Hansford, Hales, Blake, Budd, Crosby, Gardner, Doohan, Magee and Dowson household names in Australia. That hadn’t happened before and hasn’t happened since.

Vince was also the promoter of the tremendously successful Mr Motocross series which also featured some wild art. We will try to find some of those famous posters and bring them to you in the near future

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