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Kick Start: MotoTrials made for TV

Submitted by on July 11, 2009

Now that we are official support sponsors of the Xispa Australian MotoTrials Championship, let’s celebrate with some old school Trials fever from “Kickstart”.

Back in 1979 the BBC started telecasting the worlds first television series for Trials bikes and riders. “Kick start” was a huge rating success, its popularity fueling it  for nine seasons until 1988. A sister program called Junior Kickstart, for young riders, which uneartherd a young Dougie Lampkin, sustained interest in the formula until 1992.

Host Peter Purves explains the appeal of the show in the first video, whilst in the second video from 1982, American rider and ’79 World Champion,  Bernie Schreiber battles for the win with former Triple World Champ, Honda mounted Eddy Lejeune from Belgium.

The feet up purists may not have enjoyed the timed  format, but the audience didn’t care, they loved it. The show really proved that this style of Trials could capture the punter’s imagination. People hadn’t seen guys riding over cars, doing bunny hops, attacking near vertical hill climbs and climbing over barrells on motorcycles before. These guys were talented, it was new and it was fun to watch.

It’s an interesting concept even today and perhaps should be re introduced to showcaase the incredible skills of modern Trials riders to a new generation of fans, currently intoxicated with action sports and the culture of the X Games.

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