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Lovely Logos

Submitted by on August 27, 2009

Following on from the fever generated by the “Luscious Liveries” article, I have raided our UK based car writer Henry Hope-Frost’s Facebook page and found some lovely logos!

There are some very evocative designs in the mix, including an early McLaren logo. What a shame the Kiwi bird is no longer part of the McLaren brand identity. Hamilton and team would look so much cooler with a strange black bird on the car.

The timeless and truly old school Lotus logo is here, as is a Gold Leaf version, first seen in 1968 at Monaco.

The century old Alfa Romeo logo is featured. Legend has it the Alfa badge is based on the coat of arms of the Visconti family with the Red cross on a white back ground representing Milan. In the early part of the 5th century a serpent that devoured humans was at large in the area around Milan, terrifying the local population. It was slain by Ottoni Visconti and this heroic deed was celebrated as part of the coat of arms.  The story is almost as dramatic as Alfa’s Formula 1 exploits!

Of course there is one of the worlds most recognisable logos, the Prancing Horse of Ferrari and the wonderfully designed BRM/Owen Racing Organisation logo to marvel at.


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