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Agostini – “I am the greatest”

Submitted by on September 28, 2009

ym50_doc_k-14-agostiniWith 122 race wins and 15 world championships, Giacomo Agostini is one of motorcycle grand prix road racing’s all-time greats. French magazine Moto Revue recently interviewed the 67-year-old Italian ex-racer, and here are some excerpts from what Giacomo had to say:

On whether he thinks Rossi can beat his record of 122 race wins

It’s possible. He will try, it’s normal. I’d do the same if I were in his place [but] I hope he does not get there!

On comparing his days in racing to the current scenario

You know, winning, it has always been difficult – you have to give 100% of your potential, you have to fight. The difference is that in my time, I lost a friend every week. Today, it is safer and we should be very happy about that.

On who’s the greatest motorcycle racer ever

If you ask Valentino that question, he will tell you it’s him. If you could ask Mike Hailwood, he would tell you it’s him. Phil Read believes he is the best. So it’s natural that I would say I am the greatest.

On who might be Rossi’s successor

I think it’s obviously Jorge Lorenzo. He’s only 22 years old and has enormous talent. He may not be the same charisma as Valentino, but what makes a champion, above all, is race victories. And for that, I think Jorge will make history.

On how the world of motorcycle GP racing has changed

Everything changes. It’s progress, we cannot do anything about it. Sure, the atmosphere is very different today than it was thirty years ago. In my day, the atmosphere was more family-like, we were more united. But we must also say that we were between 7-10 people per team. It was easier to know everyone. Today, running a MotoGP team means having about 30 people. We cannot share the same things with such big teams.

For the full interview (in French) visit the Moto Revue website here

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