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Mr Motocross Official Poster 1977

Submitted by on October 9, 2009

Check out this great poster from the 1977 Mr Motocross series.

Like the Castrol 6-hour production bike race of the time, the Mr Motocross series was promoted by Vince Tesoriero and his marketing and promotions company, Forcefield Marketing.

Vince was the king of motorsport promotions in the 70s and organised for Pepsi and Golden Breed to sponsor the six-round series which included a stop in New Zealand.

The fantastic artwork was was illustrated by the late comic artist Peter Ledger who went onto achieve global fame as a sci fi and special projects artist in the USA.

The 1977 series was won by three-time Mr Motocross Champion “The Great Grunt”, Anthony Gunter on a Suzuki.

Gunter’s rivalry with Yamaha mounted Stephen Gall in the late 70s would help propel motocross into the vocabulary of kids and teenagers across the country.

Thanks to Graham Dare for the image of the poster.

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