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Phil Hill’s Ferrari Dino 156 1961

Submitted by on October 31, 2009

Here is a beautiful 1:18 scale model of the Ferrari Dino 156 “Sharknose” from German company CMC.

The 1961 Formula 1 season was run under completely new rules. The racing teams had to switch their engines from 2.5 to 1.5 liters and Ferrari found itself in a very good position. They had developed a V6 mid-mounted engine with a 120 degrees cylinder angle and a maximum output of 190 hp. The new 156 F1 also looked fantastic and featured a very unusual front end design, so pretty soon, many people gave it the nickname Sharknose. Technically and ostensibly, the 156F1 was the most successful F1 car of 1961.

The season ended with success for the Scuderia, winning their first constructors championship, but also with tragedy. Phil Hill became the first American Formula 1 World Champion, but the German Ferrari star Wolfgang von Trips,who led the ranking for most of the season, became involved in a deadly accident in Monza. It left Hill cold and tarnished his wonderful Championship winning achievement.

Each model is handbuilt from 1450 single parts. There will be three versions of the 156 available, each limited to 6000 pieces. The Phil Hill car number 4 from the Belgium Grand Prix. Car number 3, the Von Trips machine from the Germany GP and car number 2 the Phil Hill Ferrari from Monza.

According to the model makers no original Ferrari 156 F1 exists in the world. However, after months of meticulous research and contacting countless Ferrari experts, CMC was able to get all necessary data to develop the model.

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