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The Bonneville Boss is back

Submitted by on October 20, 2009

Queensland Classic car dealer Terry Healy of Oldtimer Australia and US based Ferrari identity Tom Shaughnessy have purchased a Unique one off transporter known as the “Bonneville Boss.”

The Bonneville Boss was built by Tony Fox of Minneapolis in conjunction with Dean Moon, who needs no introduction. Fox, whose cars ran and set many records at Bonneville in the late 60’s early 70’s, built the transporter and the mock up Land Speed Record Car in a quest to elicit funds to make an attempt on the LSR in mid 70s.

The Bonneville Boss is a one off design powered by an Oldsmobile Toronado and is front wheel drive. It predates the McLaren F1 with the driver sitting in center. It has been in storage for over 30 years.

Tony Fox holds over 100 patents in his name in aviation, snow mobile, compacting & other areas. He had built a six seater jet, prior to Bill Lear, with the engine being acquired by US Government for the cruise missiles, leaving his jet dormant until 2006 when production began with new owners. He is also responsible for the Garbage compacters operating around the world today.

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