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The Duel – Steve vs Lewis

Submitted by on October 14, 2009

This clip isn’t new, however anything that includes footage from Le Mans gets my vote.

To celebrate 40 years since the release of the timeless TAG Heuer Monaco watch,  The Duel showcases two of the companies most popular brand ambassadors Steve McQueen and Lewis Hamilton in the ultimate fantasy on track battle.

Bad ass McQueen in his Gulf Porsche 917 invites F1 golden-boy Lewis Hamilton to bring his Formula 1 McLaren-Mercedes out for a bit of a duel.

As a fan of special effects there are some cleverly worked scenes with both drivers chatting as well as some  side by side on track action.

I think its pretty good fun and shows that TAG Heuer, McQueen and Porsche 917’s haven’t lost any of their appeal.

Thanks to John S for the tip.

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