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1963 Corvette Grand Sport continuation by Superformance

Submitted by on November 18, 2009

A replica of the 1963 Corvette Grand Sport is now available from Superformance, the US based company which is perhaps best known for their Cobra and GT40 replicas, after signing a new licensing agreement with GM.

The original machine was built to go head to head with the Ford powered Cobras of Carroll Shelby. The Corvette Grand Sport was punishing the Cobra in American sports car racing until General Motors axed the program. Only five chassis were ever produced and have since become collectors items, commanding multi-million dollar price tags at auction.

Customers will also have the option of a coupe or convertible in street or race guise (pictured).

Here is the official blurb……

Glories of yesteryear were conceived when General Motors licensed a Californian specialist sports car partnership in early 2009 to resume production of the iconic 1963 Corvette Grand Sport, arguably GM’s most prestigious track racer ever.

Duntov/Superformance LLC lost no time in turning opportunity into reality, and Duntov immediately began production of the race version of the Grand Sport, which has already raced and won a number of events this year.

Now the street version of this popular 1960’s muscle car will follow with the series production of a Turn Key Minus chassis by Superformance. The original Grand Sport – intended to be a “Cobra Killer” – were built by General Motors under the watchful eyes of Zora Arkus Duntov, GM’s chief engineer at the time.

The value of a continuation model and that of a historic original is encapsulated in its authenticity. Superformance went to great lengths to ensure that the new street version would be as like the original Grand Sport as two peas are in a pod having acquired the original blue prints and molds off the original #2 Grand Sport.

With only five originals ever built, the Superformance Grand Sport will give buyers the opportunity to own a piece of GM’s rich history. What makes this street version an even more valuable product is that it is licensed by its originators and that is not only meant to be raced, but is equally at home as a daily driver..

The SPF Grand Sport will be available in a roadster or coupe version and the technical originality is ensured by the legendary discipline and precision that has made Superformance products the leading fully assembled rolling chassis in the world.

Each SPF Grand Sport will be professionally engineered, custom crafted and professionally assembled in the largest and most modern privately owned specialist automotive manufacturing facility in the world.
The design of the Grand Sport chassis enables owners to select their drive trains from virtually any General Motors crate option available. The first completed street version rollers will be available in the US in mid 2010. Current orders can be placed by calling (949) 900-1950 or sending an email to info@superformance.com.

Via ColdTrackDays

Images: Superformance

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