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One for the Christmas list: F1-67

Submitted by on November 20, 2009

Those who live for the heady scent of frantic combustion and the thumping rumble of classic racing are likely to share a simple dream. The dream that one day they might stumble upon a pristine piece of classic motoring tucked away quietly in a barn somewhere, waiting to be picked up for a pittance. The racing dream may be resting peacefully in a collector’s garage, acquired quickly and then slowly forgotten as it becomes a ‘round to it’, waiting to be acquired by a lucky chap for but a fraction of its true worth. Alas for most such dreams remain dreams and the thought of owning an authentic F1 car may seem a ridiculous one.

Stuart Taylor Ltd would like to make that dream a reality and bring you that much closer to hitting the track in the style of Graham Hill or Jackie Stewart in your very own 1967 F1 car. How do they plan on achieving this? With the F1-67, an “attempt to recreate the essence of that car, reproducing a piece of history in a manner that improves factors such as reliability and safety whilst keeping true to the spirit of the original”.

The goal of the F1-67 is to capture the spirit that made F1 in the 60s so incredible without the rather steep barriers to entry and upkeep that would make owning an authentic period car, and driving it as it was built to be driven, so mad. Its charming aesthetics make it a joy to look at while its  5.3 litre small block Chevvy will surely hit all the right notes and looks to make it a great performer.

It probably won’t be winning you any concours, but then again you will probably be having too much fun on the track to care.

Via The Chicane

Seth Reinhardt

Images: F1-67.com

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