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60 Minutes interview with Peter Brock 1986

Submitted by on December 30, 2009

Its almost new year and therefore time to let the hair down a little, so here is a light hearted interview with Peter Brock from Channel 9’s 60 Minutes program.

Interviewer Ian Leslie pursues a serious line of questioning when he asks,  “Peter, it’s a  fact of the game that your in that racing drivers are seen as sex symbols” Peter replies “Yep.” Leslie then says ” Have you ever seen yourself that way, as a sex symbol?”  To which Brocky replies “No I haven’t”.

Clearly his legion of  female admirers disagreed. I young blond tells Australia what the sheilas really think when she says “I think he is the most horniest guy around” (part2@ 1.14)

Pure gold.

Images: Brock05.com

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