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Bill Browns survives monumental crash: Bathurst 1971

Submitted by on January 4, 2010

This is one of the biggest crashes ever seen at Bathurst. Certainly it was one of the most spectacular.

On lap 43 of the Great Race a tyre blew on Bill Brown’s Ford Falcon XY GTHO at 160km/h through Mc Phillamy Park and it rolled along a sleeper fence, cutting the car in two.

Bill survived because his seat broke and he ended up lying down on his back. He was not the only lucky one, check out how narrowly his missed the spectator by at the start of the roll.

In the video Bill talks us what was going through his head, once he realised it was still attached to his body. ” When the car finally came to rest and I was still conscious, and they (the crowd) just ran over and they started to tip the car up and I yelled out to them to stop, smelt petrol and asked if anyone was smoking, could they kindly leave.”

The commentator sums it up best ” Fortunately Bills injuries were only of a minor nature.”

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