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Dick Simon CART crash: Riverside Raceway 1982

Submitted by on January 11, 2010

How on earth did Dick Simon survive this! If there is ever any doubt about how brave racing drivers are and how much energy there is in a big crash, just watch this one.

In this video from 1983, Dick Simon, who was once a CART/IRL team owner and the oldest man to have ever raced in the Indy 500, tells us that he wasn’t in the slightest bit fussed about returning to Riverside Raceway. He really should have been, given the scale of this monumental shunt, which really should have killed him.

He says; “I think once you get on the racetrack you lose sight of the fact that you might have crashed. If you are a race driver, I think most of us are, when you get to Indianapolis type racing you’re truly a racer I don’t think an accident bothers you at all.”

Sure Dick.

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