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Porsche: Roots in racing, not posing

Submitted by on January 6, 2010

959This commercial from Porsche is clearly the result of selling too many Cayenne’s and 911 Cabriolets. I guess its targeted at those of us who like to race their Porsche’s, but have to put up with people thinking we are serious wankers because we drive and love the Stuttgart brand.

Not doubt Porsche does have a problem with its image though and its because they have chosen to rest on their laurels. Lets face it, Porsche’s motorsport glory days must have peaked around 1985 and you can’t trade on that forever, no matter how deep and glorious your racing roots are. Clever marketing will only take you so far.

gulfPerhaps instead of beautiful commercials that celebrate the past, maybe a commitment to outright victory in the WRC, Dakar, LeMans or F1 might the best approach to authentically re-establish the brands core values?

florioLets pray that in 50 years time the Porsche ads don’t read: Porsche: Roots in posing, not racing


Images: Porsche.com

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