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Tim Beaumont Designs: Retro bike racing art

Submitted by on January 18, 2010


Art is a very personal thing and provokes different emotions and responses in each of us. Inspired by 70s flat track heroes like Gene Romero, Kenny Roberts and Rex Beauchamp, these works by British artist Tim Beaumont are to me, quite exceptional.

They really capture the speed, colour, and excitement of classic motorcycle racing, but in a very modern way.

Here is some info about Tim.

“Growing up as a kid in early 1970’s UK was slightly on the side of drab and dreary. However every Easter life became a little more exciting with  the annual Transatlantic Trophy races where I was introduced to these extraordinary superheroes from over the pond with their bright leathers, Hollywood accents and colourful bikes, who in most/every case had never seen our race tracks but then went on to attack them with courage and outstanding ability.


One further investigation I found that most of these guys raced on dirt tracks as well as road racing back home. Sideways and at speeds not far of what they were doing on tarmac, WAW ! I was hooked, hence I followed the exploits of these guys wherever I could find any info.

Move on a few decades and my passion still burns ever so brightly for motorcycle racing .I have started to look back and the drab and dreary days of 1970’s UK don’ t seem so bad now on reflection, I suppose that’s what growing old does to you.


I think that I was fortunate to be growing up in an era where motorcycle racing was so accessible  being able to witness the exploits of heroes like Sheene, Roberts, Ago, Read, Crosby, Gardner, Romero,  Aldana, Collins, Penhall, Mauger etc. seemed a little more easier than it does today.

Most of my time is spent illustrating children’s books and creating whimsical artwork and design but my interest in motorcycle racing has led me into developing artwork such as the images shown here.


I tend to work, combining traditional and digital techniques where the finished art can easily be reproduced.”

Priced at £100,  for an A4 sized original. The images are supplied as High Resolution digital and therefore can be converted to prints such as canvas.

Tim is  planning on producing more works of stars such as Sheen, Nixon, Crosby and Aldana in the coming months. Tim also produces commissions by request.


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