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Campaign Review: Porsche Panamera – welcome to the family

Submitted by on February 15, 2010

Thundering across the dry flats comes a Porsche lover’s wet dream come true, expelling a tree of dust.

It’s a spectacular cavalcade of horsepower. A stunning pairing of power and beauty. And it’s all to borrow from Porsche’s past to ultimately make a family connection with it’s present – the new four-door and frankly, pretty ugly Panamera.

From a purely advertising standpoint the slight of hand trick works. You get lost in the window-dressing, don’t see the forest for the trees and somehow you seem almost willing to accept this tenuous lineage that Porsche puts forward.

The TV ad (and the making of) are the most effective and sexiest – they get to lead out with those legendary beauties – leaving the website to contend with hoping that if you squint just hard enough, you just might see a bit of that legend in your Cayenne, 911 Cabriolet or ever dubious Panamera.

It’s all great to look at, but I for one, am not buying it.

Sean Ganann

Sean is the Creative Director at Campfire and produces the excellent photo blog Post New York

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