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Team Lotus Sings: “The Champions” by the 1972 World Championship Winning Team

Submitted by on February 21, 2010

Have a listen to this remarkable little tune.

It’s a song called “The Champions” and is sung by the 1972 World Championship winning crew from John Player Team Lotus.

The record was produced to celebrate Emerson Fittipaldi‘s stunning F1 title glory at the wheel of the fabulous, JPS Lotus 72.

Team Lotus Sings was written produced and arranged by then Team Lotus member, Luke Watson.

The record was released in 1973 by Speedy Records and included a B side called “Workin al’nighter”

It is very difficult to read, but I think the opening paragraphs on the sleeve states.  ” Up in the frozen wilds of untamed Norfolk, where the icy breezes steadily reduce the indigenous monkey population, a group of brave mechanics – their nether parts well insulated – toil away on their racing car. They are members of a rare breed knows as “racing mechanics” – more they are members of the infamous Team Lotus – the “all blacks” of motor racing.

As they toil away tweaking up their car (amongst other things) they sing strange enchanting songs the lyrics of which are loaded with tear jerking sentiment and unprintable words.

From their vast repetois of ribald songs we have taken two of the more seemly tunes both written and composed by Luke Watson, one of the team.”

Gold, pure gold.

Images: yesterdaysracers.com

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