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Retro Porsche Advertising

Submitted by on March 18, 2010

This piece of retro advertising opens with a dream. A dream that I am sure we all share in one form or another: that of finding our perfect car resting peacefully in a barn somewhere, waiting to be picked up for a pittance.

It is from a simpler and more elegant, if not more advanced, era of advertising. A far cry from the full screen, full volume flash ads that we fight daily to purge from our interwebs. A branding exercise, it sells Porsche itself, leveraging an impressive commercial and racing history and attempting to give the company a personality and a dream that everyone can relate to: genuine people, proud of their work and striving to be their best. Lovers of cars and motorsport working to make a car for those like themselves, a driver’s car.

Have a read, reminisce and enjoy!

Maybe I shouldn’t be concerned that my petrol light is always on. A mint 550 Spyder may be waiting for me to run out!

Seth Reinhardt

Via John Shingleton

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Retro Porsche ad

Retro Porsche ad

Retro Porsche ad

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