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Murray Walker interviews Nigel Mansell about his career

Submitted by on April 17, 2010

There is lots of love in the room during this interview as Murray Walker talks to his great mate  Nigel Mansell about  his action packed career.

The two discuss Nige’s early Formula Ford days, the move to Lotus in 1980, finding success at Williams, losing the World Championship at Adelaide in 1986, “that move” on Nelson Piquet at Silverstone in 1987, winning for Ferrari on debut in 1989, Championship glory at Williams in 1992 and his trip across the pond to claim the CART title on debut in 1993.

Nigel sums up his place in the pecking order of superstar drivers when he recounts what the Penske team manager told him during the 1993 season. A year which included five wins (four on ovals).

“The Penske team manager came up to me at the end of Nazareth and said. “Ive gotta shake your hand, I wasn’t a believer, but I am now, you are one of the greatest.”

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