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Riders & Villains: digitally illustrated motorcycle prints

Submitted by on April 20, 2010

Villains 007What a lusty set of prints. Slick, stylized vectors emphasizing clean lines, sparingly filled cool colours on a subtly textured background – it’s great design which manages to feel simultaneously both vintage and modern.

Individually each of these prints is pretty remarkable but when you place all four together the magic really starts to happen. You see how well placed and planned each individual design is to compliment the next.

The work is by Spanish artist Gianmarco Magnani.  The featured work are digital illustrations printed on premium matte 270 gm photo paper.

The edition of each print is limited to 10 copies for the medium size (100cm x 100cm) and retails for US$ 400.00

The edition of the complete series of four prints is limited to 100 copies for the small size (40cm x 40cm) and can be picked up for US$ 190.00

To order prints check out Gianmarcos site here

Sean Ganaan

Via: BikeEXIF

Images Via: SilenceTV.com

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