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Reliving the 1967 German Grand Prix

Submitted by on May 19, 2010

1967 German Grand Prix - IckxGreat soundtrack in this recap of the 1967 German Grand Prix.

1967 was the first year of the Hohrenhain chicane leading into the start/finish straight, which attempted to reduce the speeds. Even so, it’s still the Nurburgring, which with these light f1 cars means liftoff at Pflanzgarten.

1967 German Grand Prix Dan GurneyBad luck for Dan Gurney in this race, he broke the lap record four times in the early stages of the race (so much for attempts at reducing speeds!) only to suffer from a broken U-joint two laps from the finish.

1967 German GP Denny HulmeEnough has been written about the differences in modern Formula 1 and the GP drivers of the pre-downforce era, but I’m especially struck by the starts. The narrower cars and wider classic tracks means that the start is a mob scene. Groupings of six and seven wide weren’t uncommon in the dash to turn one. Today’s narrower tracks allows for a much more controlled and less chaotic, and certainly less exciting, start.

With that said, let’s enjoy the 1967 German Grand Prix all over again:


Via: TheChicaneBlog.com

Images: Autosport Forums, AllAmerican Racers.com

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