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Champion crashes Brock’s Commodore at Goodwood Festival of Speed

Submitted by on July 4, 2010

The Spirit of Goodwood was really on display in the Cathedral Paddock today, where entrant Peter Champion has successfully fixed the Holden VH Commodore that he crashed yesterday. The car won Bathurst in 1982 with Aussie legend Peter Brock at the wheel.

“The brakes don’t get hot enough to work so I was relying on 2nd gear to slow me down,” he explained, “only problem was – I went for second and got fourth!”

The Commodore ran wide onto the grass at Molecomb, ending up in the hay bales, scraping the right hand side of the car and breaking the steering.

But having brought the Commodore all the way from Australia, Champion was determined not to let the crash stop him from taking part in the weekend. He spent the night working on the car – tracking down a replacement steering rack (from a 1982 Vauxhall Carlton) in Chichester. Between runs he’s even touching up the paintwork, although the car is now running with a cardboard ‘headlight’.

How does it drive?

“As good as new,” says Champion, deadpan, “although, of course, not as good as it did yesterday!”

Via: Goodwood Festival of Speed

Images: Goodwood Festival of Speed and Octane

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