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Michel Collet: sculpteur de performances

Submitted by on August 15, 2010

Michel Collet likes details. Those little somethings that may seem insignificant to the untrained eye, but which, when done just right, are the difference between something ordinary and something timeless. We’re talking the headlamps on a 911 here: that little detail you can see completely out of context without it losing its beauty or personality.

Like us, he also loves historic motorsport and the cars that make it the fire breathing, exciting and beautiful sport that it is. And luckily for us, he, like some others among our wonderful community, has the eye for these details and the drive and talent to turn them into striking works of art that celebrate the golden ages of motorsport.

Michel Collet is a sculptor who looks for that detail: the special something that defines a classic, and then turns it into an artwork. His work is striking, minimalist and abstract; an intriguing insight into the triumphs of aesthetic design that have defined motorsport over the years. It includes such things as a macro inspection of a Lotus badge; just the iconic yellow and green colours and the very top corner of the logo, part of the front end of a Ferrari 156 ‘Shark Nose’, the fuel cap and air intake from a Ferrari 250SWB and a side panel and racing number from James Dean’s Porsche 550.

Visit his website at www.michelcollet.com to get to know his work a little better.

Do you have a particular automotive detail that you would love to see committed to sculpture? Do you enjoy this different perspective on motoring beauty, or perhaps feel that the individual elements lose some of their magic once they are removed from their context? Let us know in the comments!

Pictures via www.michelcollet.com

Seth Reinhardt

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