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Long legs and a heavy right boot: Jungle Jim and Jungle Pam

Submitted by on October 29, 2010


Character, flair and charisma. Classic motorsport had these qualities in spades, and that’s a huge part of the reason why we continue to find memories of retro racing so compelling. Of course the spirited and charismatic heroes and heroines that made up the scenery during these eras are a huge part of this. “Jungle Jim” Liberman and “Jungle Pam” Hardy, may very well have been the most out-there of them all.

The pair ruled ‘70s funny car drag racing. Jungle Jim was a well-known showman, famous for poppin’ huge wheelstands and tearing down the drag strip at full speed in reverse, and when he hired the leggy, buxom Jungle Pam to be his staging partner, the pair were elevated to drag racing royalty. They were pure fun, spirit and entertainment, and the fans loved it.

Who would’ve thought the combination of high-speed, high-octane racing, burning rubber, untameable sideburns and sexy women would’ve been such a success?

Via The Selvedge Yard

Images via via The Selvedge Yard

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