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Retro Formula 1: Historic F1 Merchandise

Submitted by on October 21, 2010

This year’s Formula One season has been one of the most exciting the sport has seen in years. Races have ranged from the exciting to the bizarre and, as a welcome change, only one or two have managed to be boring.

Maybe I am biased because, for the first time since Sir Jack, we have a fellow Australian in with a chance at the title. Sadly, there are probably another four well within range as well. But that’s what is making things exciting!

Still, exciting as it may be for now, it lacks the charm, raw thrills and charisma of the sport’s golden years. In those days the thrills came from two drivers putting everything on the line and duelling it out wheel to wheel on the track, not slipping by in the pits thanks to some speedy maths.

And those are the years that Andrew Smith of Retro Formula 1 loves. After spending some time at the F1 in Silverstone in June 2009, Smith was disappointed to find that almost none of the famous marquees he grew up with were featured in the merchandising. He was determined to rectify this omission and so he started Retro Formula 1 in July, 2009.

Since then he has developed a fantastic line of retro F1 apparel and merchandise featuring the brands, marquees and racing we all love. Ligier, Cooper, Lotus, Parmalat, Wolf, March, Tyrrell, Surtees, Hesketh and Jordan are all present, with Vanwall and many more fan favourites on their way. The t-shirts all look great, sharing a retro charm and some sophisticated, stylish designs.

Retro Formula 1 does a fantastic job providing for the gap Smith identified back in 2009, and keeps retro F1 fans looking classy while celebrating the sport they love.

Hit this link to his website to check them out.

Seth Reinhardt

Images via Retro Formula 1

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