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The 2010 Lotus Sydney Tasman Revival Fires Up Its Engines!

Submitted by on November 24, 2010

Mammoth line-up of international & Australian historic racing cars? Check.

A field of racing drivers ranging from gifted to legendary? Check.

World-class racing circuit? Check.

Huge community of fun-loving, friendly historic racing fans? Check.

The Lotus Sydney Tasman Revival 2010 Opens This Friday, 26th November!

Months (years) of preparations are complete, and the Lotus Sydney Tasman Revival 2010 is on the grid, engine revving, watching for the lights to turn green.

Starting this afternoon, entrants will already be making their way to Eastern Creek International Raceway to get set up for private practice on Thursday, and then qualifications on Friday morning. By Friday afternoon the races will be under way and they won’t stop until Sunday evening!

Sunday in particular is going to be a huge day, offering feature races for all groups, the drawing of the HSRCA’s ‘Win a Lotus’ competition, trophy presentations and plenty of paddock-wandering, tyre-smoking social motorsport fun.

Motorsport Retro’s Chief of Retro, writer and editor Rich Fowler, will be racing a 1970 Porsche 911 (#86) in the regularity class and a 1970 Milano GT2 (#37) in Sports cars. Correspondent Seth Reinhardt will be on hand to document his escapades. Drop by the pits and say hi!

Head to this page for a programme of events to help you to plan your weekend.

Don’t forget to head to the official Tasman Revival website, as well as the HSRCA’s stellar new website, Facebook page and YouTube channel, in the days and weeks following the event, as we will have plenty of coverage to keep you busy until the Tasman Revival 2012! Not to mention a wonderful group of people and a calendar packed with fantastic historic racing events year-round!

Some links to help prepare you for the Lotus Sydney Tasman Revival 2010:

We have uploaded a series of files containing the entry list for the weekend at the following links:

Click here for a quick and easy PDF, presenting entrants to the Lotus Sydney Tasman Revival 2010


Media accreditation


Win a Lotus Elise

Programme of Events

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