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Best of 2010: Top 5 Moto Grand Prix stories

Submitted by on December 26, 2010

1. Retro Marlboro Motorcycle Racing Stickers

Ciggies and motorcycling were a marketers perfect match. Two dangerous and potentially deadly products harmoniously appealing to the risk taking, cool hunting youth in all of us. Read more

2. Suzuki 50 years of racing 1960 – 2010

Perched on a car bonnet, in freezing weather and while operating a cine camera, might sound a strange way to begin an international race program. Read more

3. Legends: Max Deubel

What do Max Deubel and Mike Hailwood have in common? From 1961 to ’65 both men won four successive world GP championships — Deubel in sidecars with Emil Hoerner, Hailwood in 500 GP. Read more

4. Legends: Mike Hailwood

What made Mike Hailwood stand apart — precise lines on the fast public road circuits of his day? Tick. But he was just as comfortable on artificial circuits. Read more

5. ‘Lucky’ Lucchinelli – GP Underbelly

As a hard-nosed newspaper reporter would probably note, Marco Lucchinelli was ‘one of the more colourful characters’ to win a world 500cc championship. Read More

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