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Photo Gallery: 2010 Lotus Sydney Tasman Revival

Submitted by on January 27, 2011

The appeal of historic motorsport goes a great deal further than the thrills of retro racing and the charm of classic racing machines. It is, in its own right, a fun, fast and friendly form of racing. It brings together great people and historic motorcars and produces some genuinely exciting and fun racing. The bi-annual Tasman Revival, in which we competed last November, is one of the biggest historic meets in Australia, and  Derek Hanbidge has put together a comprehensive and entertaining collection of coverage from the 2010 event.

He has been kind enough to share his work with us, so please head over to his site at http://www.deejay51.com/tasman_revival_2010.htm for his full coverage, featuring everything from historic Formula One and Formula 5000 machines, to classics like 911s, Alfas and Bugattis.

Images:  deejay51.com

Via HSRCA.com

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