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ISDT 1970: The story of the 1970 International Six Day Trial

Submitted by on February 10, 2011

A new book has been written about the 1970 International Six Day Trial (ISDT) held in Spain. The world famous enduro is legendary and by all accounts the 1970 edition was no different. The book looks fabulously well researched and features some previously unpublished photos.

Below is the translation from a note sent to me by the books editor. I have not edited it as it reads nicely as is.

“The author of this book retrieves from forgetfulness and for all enduro fans, a race that was very  tough, with high daily mileage run throughout the Sierra de Guadarrama in extreme heat and cold weather conditions. The 352 pages of artwork  within a  format  of 30×22, 5cms, recall previously unpublished photographs, maps and interviews with riders and organizers among many other things. The book  shows aspects of the competition that will  make understandable to the  now a days riders how it was  and how  was lived  that Six Days edition.

The Six Day’s Child

A child barely five years old had the chance to see the Six-Day pass near by his home. The memory of that show is etched in his memory and 40 years later decides to write a book on it to get it back from a final oblivion, after two years of hard work looking after attractive information, photos and artwork for the enjoyment of all enduro fans.

Javier Benito Aguado, born October 15, 1965 in Madrid. From an early age enjoyed watching the performance of amateur motocross riders who rides Bultaco Pursang, Montesa Cappra and OSSA Phantom, in a rough and ready track close by  his home located next to the Puente del Tercio(Legion Bridge), on the M-505 road , 8 kilometers away from El Escorial. Lacking a motorcycle  an old bicycle Orbea serves to mimic the jumps and drifts of motocross riders. That was during  the early 70s.

In 1980, thanks to  Solo Moto magazine, he discovered an emergent  new sport: Trialsín, developed  by Pedro Pi in the  Montesa factory, which gives him the opportunity to start in competition  with a simple bicycle instead of a motorbike. He becomes Madrid Champion in 1982 and 1983 on a Montesita T-15 and also rides the national spanish Championship competitions. In 1984 rides  the  European Championship, getting the  sixth position in the Expert  Class. It was the era of the up coming Andreu Codina, Jordi Tarres, Marc Colomer and Amos Bilbao, among others. After a compulsory  period on the Army in 1985, in 1986 returned to tne races this time on a  bike competing in different trials riding a Fantic 200. Shortly thereafter devoted his time fully to the Trials organization with the Robledo de Chavela Moto Club, one of the most traditional trials club in Madrid, in which was a member from the early days of  Trialsín. In 1990 he moved to Barcelona and began his work with Promotor, a firm dedicated to events and racings organization, this time working closely to Estanislao Soler and Pep Vila. Another of his great passions is graphic design, so took advantage of his  stay in Barcelona  to attend  a master at the Studies of the High Image Studys School (IDEP). In 1993 he returned to Madrid, and since then has been involved in  the racing world, collaborating with different organizers, clubs and media related to the motorcycle world.”

You can order a copy of this fabulous labour of love at ISDT1970.es

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