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Photo Gallery: Best of The Cahier Archive – Niki Lauda

Submitted by on March 10, 2011

Lauda 1976 Spain

This is the latest in our series of  photo specials showcasing the stunning images from the Cahier Archive. The collection, by photographers Bernard Cahier and his son Paul-Henri are part of a massive collection of 400 000 originals of which 17 000+ pictures are currently available on their website.

Today’s feature gallery contains images of three time World Champion Niki Lauda

Lauda 1975 France

His is a fabulous story. Niki takes out a large loan to go racing and isn’t considered to have much potential by the racing community. He believes in himself and ends up buying a ride in a March F1 car, but has a shocking season in 1972. He then borrows more money to race for BRM in 1973 where he shows good speed and on the recommendation of Clay Regazzoni is invited to join Ferrari in 1974.

Lauda 1972 Monaco

Lauda takes his first Grand Prix victory driving for Ferrari in 1974 and then takes the Championship in 1975. He nearly dies in his well documented crash at the Nurburgring in 1976. He returns to racing six weeks later and still leads the title chase going into the last race at Fuji. Lauda qualifies third, but withdraws after two laps due to the torrential rain. Hunt wins the World Championship by a point. Ferrari is displeased.

Lauda 1975 Brazil

Niki takes his second Championship for Ferrrari in 1977, but then joins Brabham for $1 million in 1978. He retires on the spot at Canada in 1979 saying he is sick of “driving around in circles”.

Lauda-Fangio 1976 USA

Niki goes off and set ups Lauda Air, but returns to Formula One with McLaren in 1982. He wins the third race of the season and has a solid year winning twice. He then famously goes on to win his third and final World Championship in 1984, by defeating Alain Prost by half a point.


Lauda 1985 Brazil

Lauda-Prost 1984 Portugal

Lauda 1984 Portugal

Lauda 1976 Italy

Lauda 1982 France

Lauda 1978 Italy

Lauda 1983 Canada

Lauda 1976 Germany

Lauda 1984 France


Images: TheCahierArchive©

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